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This is the place to be! Whether you’ve lived in Carson City your whole life, moved here recently, grew up here and moved away or just really like this place, welcome!

Carson City isn’t just the state capital of Nevada, or home to 54,000 people. This is a truly unique place to be. We have the perfect merriment of small town and big city. This is a place where you feel good about your kids riding their bikes down the street, but can also eat gourmet food downtown and catch a play.

The city is about to experience some transition, with us taking the steps to move forward and enhance the Carson experience. As ground breaks on the Downtown Corridor, a new Animal Services Facility and the Multipurpose Athletic Center (MAC), and as improvements are made to renovate in other areas of the city, #CarsonProud will bring it all together.

Here you can share, search and see all the aspects of these projects. As our city grows, so will #CarsonProud. Take a look around and connect with us to help share why being #CarsonProud is the best way to be.